Wedding Film Services


My name is Seb FitzHenry, I’m a professional filmmaker and cinematographer that produces high-end wedding films. I try to bring a fresh take on how wedding films can look and feel.

I take care to capture your special day and preserve it with a film that you can cherish forever and rewatch again and again.

My Approach


Rather than simply document, I take an intimate approach to capture the emotion, the laughter, the tears and the joys of your day, and combine it all into one curated and polished 5-7 minute film.

Please take a look at my previous work. If what I produce connects with you, I would love to hear from you.

Package Details


I provide one specific and lovingly crafted package to give you exactly what I’m best at.

• A 5-7 minute wedding film.

This won’t contain every minute and detail of the day, but create something that captures all the important moments in a flowing, cinematic experience.

• All raw files of everything that I capture throughout the day in one big export.

This gives you everything, so you can scan through and find a moment that may not have ended up in the main film, or sit back and watch it all unfold like an old VHS.


When getting in touch, please give me as much detail as you can, including the venue, the amount of guests, and we can arrange a meeting via phone or in person.

I would love to know what it is about my work that connects with you, to ensure that we understand each other and to help provide a film that captures the beauty of your special day.

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